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Innovation and Development of Mine Mechatronics Guided by Professional Technology

With the completion of the 11th Five-Year Plan of the national economy, the demand of the energy industry has increased substantially, the scale of coal development has been expanding, and domestic coal mining equipment has been upgrading.

In recent years, coal mine fully mechanized mining equipment is striding forward in the direction of mechatronics. More and more upstream and downstream enterprises rely on agile insight to explore business opportunities, give full play to advantages, use professional technology to promote product innovation, use high-quality services to guide industry progress, and use new ideas to seek new development in the industry.
The comprehensive completion of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of the national economy has promoted a substantial increase in the demand of the energy industry, the continuous expansion of the mine scale and the rapid improvement of production efficiency. It has effectively promoted the technological development of coal mine equipment, especially in the use and research and development of fully mechanized mining equipment in underground coal mines.


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